Every player has an important role

According to Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage". On the stage of soap making, there are many players, each with an important role. Here you see three of the players: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Each player imparts different qualities to a bar of soap. A bar can be customized by using various combinations of oils and butters in a recipe.

🧼Cocoa Butter contributes to bar hardness, is very conditioning and helps produce a stable lather.

🧼Coconut Oil adds cleansing properties to soap and creates lather with large bubbles. If a soap recipe is heavy on coconut oil and not superfatted (superfatting explanation for another day😉) this will result in a bar that is harsh on the skin and drying.

🧼 Shea Butter has great moisturizing abilities and adds a creamy, richness to the soap.

As I mentioned, these are just a few of the key players. I enjoy working with different combinations to produce balanced bars, each with their own characteristics, that's are beneficial for your skin.

June Spa Box - Lime the in Coconut

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June Feature: Lime in the Coconut

Lime in the Coconut Soap: Coconut Milk creates a creamy, intensely hydrating and gentle soap.  The lime essential oil gives the soap a wonderfully refreshing scent while being full of antioxidants and many other skin benefits. - 3oz

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub:   Smooth and exfoliating sugar made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Lim Essential oil, Organic Can Sugar and Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil.  3 oz

Whipped Body Butter: Made with triple butters - Mango, Shea & Cocoa for great moisturizing with NO fillers!  All natural! - 2 oz

Lip Balm: Keep those lips smooth and kissable with this moisturizing Coconut Cream & Lime flavored Lip Balm made with Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,  Beeswax & Shea Butter. - .015 oz

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Put the lime in the Coconut

So it all started with some left over soap "peas" I had made for Peas in a Pod baby shower favors.  I knew I wanted to make use of these left over soaps but couldn't think of anything fun or interesting.  After a week on an island and drinking Coconut water (and Piña Coladas) straight from a Coconut I had an epiphany!  I came home and decided to put these soap balls to use as "lime" and create a coconut soap made with Coconut Milk.  Besides the "lime" embeds the soap is also scented with Lime Essential Oil.  The brown "coconut shell" was created with ground walnut shell and I sprinkled a a few coconut flakes on top just for decoration.