All natural room and linen refresher

Give your linens, bedroom or even the air at home a refreshing spritz without using harsh chemicals.

One of the primary concerns health experts have about air fresheners is their wide-spread use of phthalates. According to a study conducted, 86% of air fresheners tested contained phthalates. Phthalates, which are also found in many plastics, aerosol sprays, paints, pesticides, cosmetics, and fragrances, are notoriously disruptive to the body. Phthalates are on the State of California’s list of toxic substances “known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm”. Airborne phthalates can cause allergic symptoms and asthma. Even trace amounts of phthalates can accumulate to cause these harmful side-effects. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase the toxic varieties sold at the store. Now you have an all natural option to refresh your clothing and room.