Stressed out!

Stressed out? We face external stress factors every day. Sometimes we may not even think about the internal stress our bodies are facing due to the chemicals, toxins and carcinogens introduced in the everyday body care products such as: body wash, shower gel, creams, lotions, hand sanitizer, shampoo & conditioner. The average person uses 10-15 body care products with 126 different ingredients a day!! These ingredients enter our bloodstream and can wreak havoc on our body. 

The liver plays a very important role in trying to detoxify our body. The liver can detoxify many chemicals but not everything. If we are constantly overloading it with chemicals, toxins & carcinogens we are putting a lot of stress on one organ. This internal stress can start to affect our body’s ability to cope with external stress factors, along with a slew of other issues they cause.

Choosing natural & organic products isn’t just a fad. Think about it, we call them “body care products” but are we slathering chemicals on ourselves all day long? Learning about what you are putting on and, therefore, in your body is about Body Care. How are you caring for your body?